Andrew Frater established his gardening business in 1958, in those days the idea of a mobile gardening business was both forward thinking and innovative. Andrew’s grandfather was a keen gardener and a stickler for doing things right, well known for producing top quality cut flowers, he passed this attention to detail onto young Andrew. Andrew maintained a large garden at his parents home in the countryside near Winchburgh and it was this early experience that set him on course for professional gardening.

The business rapidly became a success and Andrew was kept fully employed looking after a growing list of private and business clients. Andrew’s eldest son, also Andrew, showed an early interest in the gardening life and was a regular member of staff at weekends and all school holidays.

Andrew and then younger brother Gavin eventually joined the business with work continuing to grow in all areas, but particularly with industrial facilities requiring the highest standards of grounds maintenance. Andrew (snr) eventually retired from running the business in 1990 when Andrew and Gavin took over, but he continued to work full time for another five years before health forced a reduction to odd days.

Sadly Andrew (snr) is no longer with us, but the business continues to reflect his standards of workmanship and attention to detail. Gavin and Andrew don’t work alone; Laura, Brian, Mike
and Billy have worked for many years in the business and their input is major factor in the success of the business.

Today Andrew Frater Gardening Contractor’s main focus is on private gardens and larger sites that require a high standard of workmanship and reliability. As in the past, we invest heavily in well maintained machines and tools which allows us to do most gardening and landscaping tasks. If you think we could help, please contact us on 0131 333 4315.