From the earliest days of our business we have looked after communal gardens and grounds. Indeed we still look after some of these properties to this day.

We apply the same quality standards to shared grounds as we do for private clients. Good horticultural practice, in pruning, cultivation and lawn care don’t go out of fashion. Pruning properly with hand tools at the correct time may take a little longer, but allows plants to flower as they should unlike a shrub pruned with a hedge cutter.

Along with our tree and shrub pruning, weed control, landscaping and hedge cutting we also cut grass. We have a large fleet of mowers, both cylinder and rotary to cover small areas right up to very large grounds. All our machinery is the best available and maintained to a high standard for a precise finish.

If you are looking for genuine value, the experience of gardeners with a minimum of two decades with us, then please get in touch.