We have over our long history, looked after many industrial sites in and around Edinburgh, but with the reduction in electronics and brewing in Edinburgh, we have seen a fall in this type of work. We would like to see this area of our business grow, we are particularly interested in facilities that require a reliable, competent and safe solution to their grounds maintenance requirements.

As always, quality work by our long term staff at a reasonable cost is central to everything that we do. Once we have our clients remit, we undertake to carry out work with the
minimum of client input and to carry out this work properly using safe systems of work.

Grass cutting, hedge cutting, pruning and weed control form the basis of most maintenance tasks, but as with any garden area, renewal is always an option, so landscaping whole areas or tired corners is another service we can provide and have expertise in.

The smaller facility is very welcome, but if your site is large, we have the machinery and expertise to cope. Your facility is of interest to us, please contact us to arrange a site visit or if you wish, we can arrange for you to inspect grounds that we currently look after.