We provide a high quality gardening service using the best equipment. Our gardeners know there plants and how to care for them. Digging, pruning, planting, soft landscaping, weed control, hedge cutting, tree pruning and much more, all available in a competent and reliable package.


Our lawn care team can mow your lawn with either rotary mowers or for a finer finish, cylinder mowers. The finest lawns need grass fertilisers, top dressing, selective weed control and moss control. We have the machinery to do all this work. We also have lawn aeration equipment that can solid or hollow tine your lawn.


High quality gardening is sometimes not enough, perhaps the whole garden needs landscaping, but more likely it’s one border or a particular area that requires attention. we
can remove old planting, rejuvenate the soil, add stone, gravels, wood and help with plant selection to provide a fresh new look to that part of the garden. Contact us to arrange a visit on 0131 333 4315. We can work out a costed programme of work for the year with regular checks throughout to assess progress.